E4F has delivered much more than excellent office space near the city centre for Total Freelance. The entrepreneurs, mentors and staff that work in Innovation Birmingham create a unique community unlike anything I've experienced before. Everyday I learn something new from someone else which has benefited Total Freelance and myself throughout the early stage of my entrepreneurial journey.

Jack Telford, Total Freelance

E4F is the ideal place for local tech startups to work. I have enjoyed the mentoring sessions, gaining invaluable information and advice from everyone. Without E4F I would not be so far forward in terms of the development of my startup and knowledge that is needed to become a successful business. E4F is also a great place to meet other entrepreneurs, all of whom are in different stages of their own startup, and can offer excellent support and advice. This community, along with the excellent events provided throughout the year, offer great advice, help, information and more.

Martin Jones, Trobs

E4f was incredibly helpful throughout the process of starting a business. The chance to use a workspace right near the centre of Birmingham allowed Halo Electronics to meet the right people and massively accelerate our product development. The mentoring has been essential to us because it meant someone experienced in business could help focus our attention in the right place at the right time. The Innovation Birmingham campus is also a fantastic place to show off new hardware products and get great feedback.  

Murray Schofield, Halo Electronics

As an entrepreneur the facilities provided by the Innovation Birmingham Campus and e4f programme is a critical service in a world of start-ups, where many obstacles are put in your way.

Rob Minty, Diamonds Software

A huge thank you to e4f for all the support they have given us to date. It really has helped us so much and its awesome knowing we can rely on them for sound advice and all things business. It really has made a huge difference. Keep up the great work!

Tom Starley, co-founder, emble

There are so many times in early business where you face challenges that you have no idea how to overcome. There are so many times when things are so bad, that without the right guidance you lose yourself in doubt and a downward spiral which is never good for your business. Thankfully whenever I found myself in such a predicament, e4f was always there to help. The access to wide ranging intelligent mentors who have already trodden the path in business you hope to emulate is simply priceless. The openness of e4f staff to listen to your challenges and help you find solutions is perhaps the main reason the business is still alive and well today. The fact that I've met all of my investors through the Science Park and e4f, bodes extremely well for our decision to base ourselves here. Over the years I've learnt nobody makes it in business alone. Thankfully with e4f, I’ve never felt alone...

Deepak Pathak, Founder, WeWana:Play

Not just an ordinary office. e4f is a vibrant community of multidiscipline entrepreneurs working on a variety of tech start-ups. I have been lucky enough to be a part of e4f for almost a year in which time I can truly say that my knowledge, skills and business progress have greatly benefitted from the events, visiting expert sessions, great management and community that e4f have facilitated.

Mike Bandar, Director, Turn Partners

The thing that is most important to me, and I can't stress this enough, is that e4f is much more than just a room with some desks and chairs; it is a really welcoming and friendly place to work. It's easy to underestimate the importance of that kind of thing, but when you're doing the whole start up thing, it's a lonely game to play at times, so the fact that e4f has been so successful at creating a welcoming and friendly 'community' atmosphere couldn't be more important.

Andrew Burtenshaw, Founder, Intelligence Works

Renting desk space at e4f is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After 5 years of freelancing and working in libraries and from home, it’s been amazing to finally find somewhere that sees me surrounded by like-minded people. It’s genuinely transformed the way I work, for the better, as well as stopping me from slowly going insane!

Gareth Evans, Head of Communications, Flashsticks

e4f was the perfect place to start Droplet. Yes we got a desk, a phone and an internet connection - but we also got a community of smart, capable people who all wanted to help make things happen.

Will Grant, Co-founder, Droplet

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